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Community Initiatives

            Community Crusaders

The Crusaders have always taken great pride in being active members of the community of Sherwood Park; we strive to give back as much as we can back to the town that has taken such great care of us over the years. In years past, the Crusaders have volunteered at the following events, among others:

  • Timbits Minor Hockey Teams
  • Strathcona County Canada Day Parade
  • Strathcona County New Years Eve Festivities
  • Team Sponsor Events
  • Terry Fox Run
  • Read In Week at various schools throughout Sherwood Park 
  • Halloween Patrol with RCMP
  • Dreams Take Flight Golf Tournament
  • School ticket drop offs

We're also always welcome to new opportunities; please feel free to contact the Crusaders for your volunteer opportunity today!

Player Appearence Requests:

We'd love to come see you! If you would like the Sherwood Park Crusaders to attend your event, send us a request at; please make sure to include date, times, location, number of players and a brief description of the event, or call 780-913-2185 for more information!

New Years Eve Celebrations


Crusaders at Practice!







Vimy Ridge Shootout

Still in it's inaugural season, the Vimy Ridge Shootout has become a highlight of Crusaders games! Featuring only the best of the Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association, contact to register today!


Read In Week


Value Village FunDrive

For the first time this season, the Crusaders partnered with our sponsors at Value Village for a FunDrive! We were able to collect over 400 pounds of donations for Value Village Sherwood Park, and had them at our final game in January to drop the ceremonial puck!


Special thanks to Target Photography, official photographer of the Sherwood Park Crusaders!


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